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Annual Payment Is Discounted 17% = 12 Months For The Price of 10

Limited Time Offer

Any person or company that signs up for a listing before the release of our major marketing campaign to expose 3D Printing Products, from Industrial/Commercial to Home Decor and enhancements, to Entertainment & Hobbies, across the United States, will have their first month free for the price of 3D Printing Association Membership.

The campaign does not have an end date and will continue for months and years. The campaign will be accross dozens of platforms of communication. From traditional advertorials in print and on media websites, to radio & streaming TV, video hosting platforms, podcasts, social media, and on. It will be professionally developed and presented with the intentions of lifting the knowledge of small & medium sized manufacturers, to everyday people in all neighborhoods.

We firmly believe and know that 3D Printing has emerged as the a major force in producing goods for the general American populace, across the spectrum.

It's time to blast out to everyone that they are missing their flight if they don't board the 3D printing starships leaving the 20th century behind.

Additionally, we are focused on providing a platform for all 3D printers in America to become a more and more staple of their local community. Like stores in town or at the mall have been for ages. And so we promote local businesses as the go-to resource in their local community, while allowing those that want to stick to stictly shipping can progress and grow in that mode.

Joining the 3D Printing Association provides its own long list of benefits, not the least of which is displaying your membership and level on your directory listing.


So - join before the launch of the massive education campaign to the general public and you receive your first month's listing free at the small cost of membership in the 3 levels of Association membership.



Secure your listing before the national launch of media education on 3D Printing and you will receive a full year membership in the 3D Printing Association, commenserate with the level of your plan.

Don't wait, this national launch will be very soon.


Missing out on securing your listing prior to the launch and your already installed listing will be removed and will be added later when you secure it in the future. No guarantee that prices will remain and likely, with inflation as it is, will go up.


The quoted prices above will remain in effect as shown as long as you maintain the listing. Let it lapse and the pricing will likely be higher.

Don't wait, these prices are locked in until the launch.


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All 4 Plans With Both Monthly or Annualized & Discounted Payment Plans

Here's a simple checklist:

  •       Pick A Plan
  •       Pick Monthly or Annual Payment
  •       Pick the Appropriate Installation Fee
  •       If You Want To List Your Business in More Than One Category Pick How Many Categories And Click On The Number


Installation for Entry, Full, Display Plans - One Time Charge

$ 10.00

Each Additional Category Your Listing Is Posted Under

This is applicable to every plan. After your first listing on each plan, this is the monthly fee that will be added for each additional, relevant category your listing is duplicated under. Fill in the number of additional categories up to 3.

$ 9.00

Entry Plan Listing

Monthly payment plan for Entry Plan

$ 29.00

Entry Plan Listing - Annual Payment Plan

Billed Annually - 17% Savings over the monthly billing

$ 289.00

Full Plan Listing

Monthly payment plan for Full Plan Listing

$ 49.00

Annual Payment Full Plan Listing

This is for the Full Plan Listing

$ 488.00

Display Plan Listing

This is for the Display Plan Listing Monthly Payment Plan

$ 59.00

Display Plan Listing - Annual Payment Plan

This is a 17% savings over the monthly payment plan

$ 587.00

Installation Of Premier Plan Listing

This is for the Premier Plan Listing PLUS Creating A Custom Website That Potential/Repeat Customers Can Instantly Install On Their Mobile Device - Plus Plus The Mobile App For The Site Loads The Site Instantly

$ 159.00

Premier Plan Listing - Monthly Payment Plan

Premier Plan Listing monthly payment plan including the mobile first website for your business (can be redirected to an existing website). Because it is built mobile first it loads on all mobile devices instantly. Plus if the potential customer/repeat customer wishes to it can be installed on their mobile devices with one click (not through an app store).

$ 79.00

Annual Payment Plan - Premier Plan Listing

This is the annual payment for the Premier Plan with the adjusted 17% savings.

$ 787.00

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