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Some really great news about our one of a kind 3 D Pinting directory.

With it we're providing a complete list of reputable 3D Printing shops & facilities.


Whether you need a commercial proto-type designed, or a limited-run production. Or some artistic flair for the  home or office, a replacement part. Gamer replicas or even cosplay costume parts or simply an anime character. 


Just anything you need, want or imagine. 3D Printing is your 21st century resource. Our directory is the map to who & where.


We provide access to a full-spectrum of suppliers in the USA. Coast-to-coast, north to south. Any territory that flies the American flag. We showcase those printers, their facilities with a gallery of past products.


Enhancing what's gone before, your intelligence & creativity puts it to work on your wishes.


3D printers are becoming a major part of the American workforce. Please support America by increasing their output, &  their & your creativity.





3D printing is the solution for supporting the workforce, the small businesses and the economy in your local area.


3D Printed goods & materials is the magic solution to America growing back into a major workforce.

The suppliers can efficiently produce unique or limited run products.

As Americans we need to take production back to America, to our local neighborhoods, our local towns, our states and no outsourcing to off-shore multi-national corporations using cheap and sometimes questionable labor.

3D printing is in its infancy. But it is bursting at the seams.

Building houses, building boats, building custom medical parts, providing small and medium sized manufactures the resource to create short run prototypes at a very cost-effective price for the research and design teams to create their made in America cutting edge products in our communities.


By buying 3D products consumers are supporting their friends, family and people that live in houses all across your own towns.


Every day dozens of new products are created for the first time with 3D printing.

Every day, hundreds of hobbyists buy their first 3D printer, mostly for little more than a hundred dollars.

After honing their skills, and it does take time, and as they sell their hobby projects, they graduate into more involved, more expensive printers using a wider span of materials to print with.


Then they go on to having a great business.


All with the help of the buyers, who just love the products that they printed.

Did you know that there are machines used in the medical 3D printing sector that print with actual patient, living cells?

Do you know that printing has been used on the International Space Station regularly for years, to build replacement parts as things were out?

Do you know that 3D printing a house is being done regularly.

And the smaller items you buy from a 3D printer enables those with ambition to evolve upward with their business as the technology evolves.

3D printing is like where the internet was as email was first made available to the masses 30 years ago. Twenty years from now the technology will be so advanced it will make smart phones look like string and tin cans, the child's toys of the 1950s.


At this time, it truly is imperative that America get back to work for America.


After World War II America grew into the greatest economy the world had ever had. It had a truly great work force, and those people flourished and prospered.

This was on top of the economy and work force in the first half of the 20th century.

In the 1970s, with the rug pulled out from under the US dollar that had previously been backed by gold, and the gradual drift to shifting the work demands out of America, mostly to the lands across the Pacific, that American dream slowly melted away.


Now many Americans are either not interested in working and many of these are simply living off of money earlier invested.


Bottom line is that we absolutely must bring back the production we Americans have always been so personally successful at doing and personally prospering from.

It will take time, but with an objective it will happen. The American way.

3D printing is possibly the best launch into creating the American tidal wave of economic success that the average American can be a part of.

Those off-shore, massive corporations can go to a big hole in the Pacific. It’s called the Mariana Trench, about 50% deeper under the ‘sea level’ than Mount Everest is above the ‘sea level’.


Let’s come together as Americans as we have time and time again and make America the envy of the world, once again.


It is a repeating story for us. Help out.

Please check what is available and watch for new showcase items on our site as we roll out weekly updates.

Have fun!

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