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About JB Hedge Products & Our Mission

Here Are What Is Actively Being Promoted Under Our Brand JB Hedge And Some Information On WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO At JB Hedge

Your Customers Having An Option At Checkout To Also Pay With Cryptocurrency

See JB's site at https://CryptoPaymentsGateway.com to explore this option.


As A Professional - How Do You Quickly Exchange Contact Information With Your Fellow Professionals & Leads? Both In-Person & Online

There are a number of 'digital business cards' that are being marketed, some by some bigger companies.

What they aren't is a real purposed BUSINESS CARD. 

They are oriented to promotion of an individuals social media platforms as being the receiving end. They offer a template or two of some drab looking 'business' card site for the buyer, which has almost no customization to make it stand out and be the unique appearence that is the tradional look of a business card, one that stands out as the card of a unique individual business person.

And, they don't offer much of anything to actually capture the identity and contact information with the person that a card is being exchange with anothre for.

Not ours. We provide several unique qualities that are truly in alignment with conducting business, not a social circle.

  • A wide ability to customize the card with content and graphics
  • The card goes to an unique domain the owner provides that is set up similar to a business card and additional FAQs just below
  • The website card can have several pages beyond the landing page card appearance for other business 
  • The card connects to the website that is built mobile first, meaning that the card will load on a mobile device in a second, maybe two seconds, generally faster than a website loads on a desktop monitor
  • The card has a QR code on the website that another can scan with their mobile device
  • When the website digital business card opens, the person who opened it has a non-intrusive request to make the card an app on their mobile device or even on the desktop computer's desktop
  • When a contact choses to accept the digital business card as an app, it is done immediately, in a second or two with one click and not through an 'app store'
  • There is a link provided on the digital business code that enables the contact to fill in a 'Name/Phone #, email address.', etc., that connects to a CRM (contact relation management) of the owner of the business card to have immediately logged into their CRM. In other words the new contact provides their contact info right then from their mobile device that ends up immediately on the digital business card owner's CRM
  • This whole exchange can also be done desktop to desktop, remotely or mobile to mobile remotely or desktop to mobiel remotely. Simple exchange of contact info in seconds from any situation

This exchange takes place in 60 seconds. Just like handing each other a old-time paper business card. And yet this enables the exchange of contact information between the two digitally, in seconds via a mobile device.

And the new contact has a app on their phone, if they chose, that has an icon to connect immediately to owners digital business card. They can remove it just as easily as they can delete any app.

This is the way business is done today, 2022!!!

The website is https://ViralFollowUps.com Be sure to check it out. 


3D Printing In 2022 Is In The Same Process That The Wide Scale Production Of Steel Went Through With The Invention Of The Bessemer Steel Furnace In 1867

For a full directory of suppliers for anything & everything to do with 3D Printing click here https://3DPrintingNearMeDirectory.com .  Here's why!

It was a combination of the production of steel at enormous levels, not possible earlier, plus the invention of the steam engine that ignited the Industrial Revolution.

3D Printing is going through the same growth period that started the Industrilal Revolution that will replace all forms of physical production as metals fade-away and electic motors fully phase out combustion engines over the coming decades.

There are existing and evolving, cutting edge prodction facilities that provide 3D Printing for the wide spectrum of industry.

There is an army of hobbyist 3D Printers that will rise into the ranks of 3D Printing facilities as they scale up their businesses and aquire more advanced 3D Printers.

The end result of this current phase is that across America and in all the other countries of the world, local 3D Printing facilities will expand with specialized applications. Much like fast-food evolve in towns and cities across America, and 'general stores' evolved into town markets, and were replaced by supermarkets, to their current state of 'Superstores' today. All in the twinkle of an eye. It's happening.

We firmly believe and promote this evolution. To facilitate that we have launched a directory like no other.

Majority of people have only heard of 3D Printing and really have no clue what it is and what it can do.

Our directory https://3DPrintingNearMeDirectory.com has a dual function.

First, to provide an inovative directory platform that makes finding a Hobbyist level, small piece and artwork piece suppliers with a wide audience category.

The same for R&D Department Heads in manufacturing to have a quick, resource to finding the perfect 3D Printer Services for their exact needs.

Followed by a resource for locating the 3D Print files needed by 3D Printers that are involved in producing products that have already been printed, not the ones that require development first.

And the fourth category of our directory is for locating a supplier of the perfect match of a 3D Printer for the needs of those entering the sector and for those that want to add or upgrade their 3D Printing capability. 

All four categories in one directory.

The other function we have taken on with this directory is to educate the public at large, both consumer and business of what's in it for them to get involved with buying 3D products, both for personal use and for industrial use. Educate the masses that there is a new, improved product available, not necessarily seen in the usual market places, both personal and business.

These are exciting times for spurring the growth of 3D Printed products and parts. It will lead to a new day of small business growth.

3D Printing For All Production & Development Industries - The Exact Match Method Directory For Finding Suppliers

And in line with the full category 3D Printing supplier directory, we found that to meet the refined demands of industry R&D Department oursourcers, a directory specific to 3D Printing for Industry was more welcome.

And with this we developed https://3DPrintingDirectory4Industry.com.

This directory is a system of the department manager answering 3 questions, and occasionally a fourth question, to then be provided with a list of the 3D Printing services that perfectly match what they are looking for.

It is a stand-alone method for a directory on the general market, Industry focused 3D Printers. It is exceptionally well received.

This system will be directly linked to the original directory https://3DPrintingNearMeDirectory.com

As Tech Evolves So Do Websites

One thing that most website owners, even those that keep up their site with the best SEO practices miss, is that websites are very slow to load on mobile devices. And often, the end result is not graphically correct for the different orientation of the display - portrait instead of landscape.

Google saw the light on this with the introduction of the smart phones 10 years ago, and made it a focus.

They've incentivized those websites that were developed in a fasshion that allowed them to load on mobile at the same speed as on a desktop. They gave those sites a big boost in rankings, integrating it with other SEO scores.

They named this type of software development 'Mobile First'

So far, after 10 years, and Google talking about it clearly for 8 years there has not been much shift by website developers. Most view it as not compatible with the current era of drag-and-drop website building.

But, we have been building mobile-first websites for our clients for going on 3 years, and it works phenomenally well.

How long did it take to load this site on your mobile device? Faster than a lot of desktop site loads, we're sure.

And the graphics are exactly correct in all departments for the website to show just as well on mobile devices as desktop displays.

We are in the process of creating a new website called https://BuiltMobileFirst.com. Check back soon and it will be up and running well - as a mobile first site - to have your site built as mobile first.


'Self Published' Book Services Has Been The Way To Go For The Masses Of Book Writers Out There For Years, But They Do Best With An Audible Companion

And that nearly monopolistic, low profit generating source for audible books has put up significant barriers to audible books for most.

For most, they only create an audible book after their digital book has shown to generate consistent profit. Then the author expands to printed versions and audible.

This is an extremely low percent of books on the market, the ones that are selling.

This is about to change.

We have done 'self publishing' for some past customers. Now we are resurrecting it for the ability to release a book with an audible companion.

Here's the trick. The cost to generate an audible book will be pennies to the cost of ones that are required by the monopoly. Plus, the author realizes 90% or more of the cost of the audible version as profit.

The site is not yet finished but is coming soon. https://Silvervia.com. is the name. Check back soon for its release.


And There Is More To Come - We're Just Too Busy With The Above, Today, To Launch More

Check back soon for more.

A Family Effort At JB Hedge To Bring Good To Americans - Both The Consumers & The Small Businesses - Without Selling Out To A Higher Priority Of Profit

JB Hedge & Brad Hedgecorth, his cousin and partner, have invested heavily in time and money over the past years to create a brand with reputable products.

Products that are good enough and of great benefit that will and could grow a following by word-of-mouth only if that was the only way (but we take the lead and promote through all relevant platforms). 

That is our purpose.

To stay ahead of where society is moving with products that are good for people, good for the environment, good for the community and good for our country, the United States of America.

And to honestly match our product selection to what will continue to evolve and grow. To be part of life in the years and decades ahead.

That is our purpose and at our wise-old-ages, we really have no need or want to make a quick buck for a so-so product that will be out of fashion in a short period of time.

We stay up-to-date and keep our products up-to-date as changes inevitably necessitate.

Thank you for your time read about who we are and what we're up to.

And, take a few minutes to review what is on our vendor table today,

to see if it would be beneficial to you and/or your company. 

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